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DesignsDiary uses a wordpress based platform so the user interface is completely identical to the one on blogs.

If you have a wordpress blog account you still have to register on DesignsDiary. Don’t be confused, we only use wordpress platform, but we are not wordpress, but we are very grateful for it’s existence.

DesignsDiary articles are between 500-1,500 well-written words, are relevant to one of our topic areas, and are likely to be of interest to a wide audience.  You are allowed maximum 2 contextual links inside the article. You are allowed to create your own article categories, so if you think that your article does not belong to any of the existing categories, you are free to create a new one.

All new users will be registered as “Contributors”, with an ability to post articles.
Prove to us that you are human and willing to publish your articles with us.
Your request will be processed with in 48 hours and you will be notified via email.

Submissions may be rejected by our editors for the following reasons:

  • Article comes across as spam (articles with lots of links in the text).
  • Subject matter or format is not relevant for a self improvement website.
  • Article is too short, (under 400 words) is a repeat of an article we’ve previously published, is riddled with spelling/grammatical/formatting mistakes, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate.


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