Brockville General Hospital Names Shortlist Of Companies For Redevelopment Project

The five companies will be invited to respond to a request for proposals, which is expected to be issued in spring 2016.

Brockville General Hospital (Brockville, Ontario, Canada) and Infrastructure Ontario (IO) have shortlisted five companies to build and finance the hospital's redevelopment project.A request for qualifications process began in June 2015 and the following companies were shortlisted: PCL Constructors Canada, Inc.; Pomerleau Inc.; M. Sullivan and Son, Ltd.; EllisDon Corporation; and Walsh more

Portraits of famous movie directors by Stellavie

Stellavie is an agency formed by a duo of Hamburg-based designers, Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein. The duo teamed up with a talented illustrator, Julian Rentzsch, to create these wonderful posters dedicated to famous movie directors. The portraits, in black-and-white, are mixed up with references to the directors that give it a very dynamic touch. Some […]
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It’s Time To Take Another Look at Sustainable Design

“Green design” may not be the buzzword it used to be, but with solutions implemented years ago now bearing measurable results, it may be poised for a new day in the sun.

In The Center for Health Design’s column in the January/February issue of Healthcare Design, Debra Levin describes The Center’s informal efforts to capture Healthcare Design Expo & Conference attendees’ top issues of interest in 2015. Among the findings, this one caught my attention: the return of sustainable design as a key topic that keeps our industry up at night. It came in at number three; in 2014, sustainability wasn’t even included as a topic to choose more

Towards a Hip-Hop Architecture: NYC Edition

Hip-hop, begun as a small subculture of an underrepresented community, has evolved to become one of the most pervasive, diverse, and profitable phenomena in today's society. A movement that once began with break beats in basement apartments, dance battles under the expressways, freestyle rapping on street corners, and tagging buildings, trucks and subway cars has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry.