Moody Blues

For more than a century, the Baltimore Harbor Light has served as a beacon for ships entering Maryland’s largest port. More recently, the historic lighthouse guided DC architect Cynthia Shoup Schiffrin in the design of a weekend getaway on the nearby shore. In 2011, Schiffrin and her husband discovered a waterfront property near Annapolis and fell in love with its views of the Magothy River at its confluence with the Chesapeake Bay. A fisherman’s cottage on the lot posed too many problems to be a candidate for renovation, so they decided to tear it down and build anew.
The modern home Schiffrin designed pays homage to the lighthouse—as well as its estuary habitat—in more ways than one. “My goal was to build something simple that didn’t put any more strain on the environment than was necessary,” she says.
Based on county regulations, the size of the new house was limited to 2,500 square feet. Despite its compact footprint, Schiffrin managed to create an open, airy structure, completed last year. A central, two-story volume houses a living, dining and kitchen space, while a lofted area above forms a raised section in the roof that echoes the lighthouse shape. “I love looking at the lighthouse,” Schiffrin explains. “The house is oriented to acknowledge it and capture the warmth of the winter sun. Meanwhile, the center section is a gesture towards our own lighthouse.”
Schiffrin and her husband, who have a teenage son, purchased the property jointly with her brother and sister-in-law, who have two kids in their 20s. So her design needed to accommodate all seven family members comfortably. She created two identical master suites with private baths for the couples—one on the ground floor and the other directly above. Two additional bedrooms include one shared by Schiffrin’s son and nephew and another for her niece. A TV room on the main level with a sleep sofa welcomes guests.
Getaways to the house revolve around the outdoors, especially in balmy weather. A screened porch off the kitchen with a sundeck above and an expansive rear deck overlooking the pool provide plenty of al fresco options. “We spend as much time outside as possible,” affirms the architect. “In the summer, we eat most meals on the screened porch. And we also like to sit down on the dock.”
Committed to designing a sustainable home, Schiffrin adhered to the principles of Passivhaus, a German building standard she discovered at a recent American Institute of Architects conference. “The concept is to build a house that is highly insulated, air tight and makes use of passive heating and cooling,” she explains. Before construction began, Schiffrin hired Baltimore-based salvage company Second Chance to dismantle the cottage and recycle as much material as possible. Wood was used instead of steel in every support beam and roof truss in the new home, since steel can cause condensation that leads to mold. The house is oriented for passive solar heating, with large, operable windows taking advantage of natural ventilation. In addition to a highly insulated roof and walls, Schiffrin employed an exterior layer of mineral wool insulation. “Almost like a jacket,” she says, “it cuts down on heat gain and loss.” The white rubber roof reflects heat and triple-glazed Intus windows provide airtight seals.
Outdoors, Schiffrin converted the existing pool from chlorine to saltwater to minimize the use of chemicals and selected native plants in the landscape. A rain garden filters runoff before it flows into the bay.
The families now enjoy the house in all seasons. Whether she’s relaxing in the loft space or the hot tub, Schiffrin loves watching vessels passing on the water. “We get cruise ships, container ships and sailboats coming by,” she says. “We’ve all been captivated by the ever-changing moods of the water and the sun. The colors of the house were chosen to reflect those various moods.”
Schiffrin, whose architecture practice has focused primarily on non-residential work, had never designed a house before this one. Despite what she describes as a “learning curve” during the design phase, the outcome was familiar. “I really enjoyed coming out here during construction and our contractor, Rich Lang, was a terrific collaborator,” she recalls. “It was so exciting seeing the house come to life. That’s one of the things I enjoy most about being an architect—seeing something you’ve done on paper become reality.”
Judy Davis is a principal at Hoachlander Davis Photography in DC.
ARCHITECTURE: CYNTHIA SHOUP SCHIFFRIN, AIA, Washington, DC. STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Keast & Hood Co., Washington, DC. CONTRACTOR: RICH LANG, Lang and Company, Arnold, Maryland.
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Ask the Pros: Architecture

What factors determine whether a waterfront site near the bay is viable for new construction?
The first factor is utilities. Does the property have a private septic system? Does the soil pass health department perc testing? Test results will help define the size of a potential home.
Next, it’s important to determine the critical-area buffer location. Along with zoning setbacks, this will help define the buildable area on the lot.
And finally, what is the allowable lot coverage as defined by critical area law? Does it align with the client’s desired program? Lot/impervious coverage includes improvements such as parking areas, patios, swimming pools, walkways, stone fire pits, structures and more. It is important to work with a professional well-versed in critical area law as it applies to each lot.
—Cathy Purple Cherry, AIA, LEED AP, Purple Cherry Architects, Annapolis, Maryland.
On a stunning five-acre estate overlooking Aberdeen Creek, Purple Cherry Architects combined Shingle-style and Tidewater architecture to create a four-story, 14,000-square-foot custom home and large timber-frame barn. Photo © Jay Stearns.
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Ask the Pros: Construction

What challenges do you face when building on the water and how do you overcome them?
Corrosion and weathering from driving wind and salt spray is one challenge. We use modern door and window systems, welded copper flashing, rot-resistant materials such as PVC, stone and îpe, and other specialized water-resistant finish systems.
Another challenge is critical area, flood plain and buffer management. We retain and protect steep slopes, minimize runoff and build sustainably. Because we often build below the water table, we use extensive de-watering and waterproofing systems as well as large-scale sheeting and shoring.
Storm-water management and flood protection are another challenge. We carefully plan grading, drainage and drywells, and use integrated flood vents where required. In every project, our success is achieved through the collaboration of homeowner, architect and builder. —Bret Anderson, Pyramid Builders, Annapolis, Maryland.
This Mediterranean-influenced home was constructed by Pyramid Builders on Whitehall Creek in Annapolis. Its European-style flat-tile roof, stucco walls and stone terrace and retaining walls create a timeless, rustic look.
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Ask the Pros: Landscape Architecture

How do you create a landscape plan that best takes advantage of water views?
A water view is a splendid asset, one that changes seasonally or even hourly. In my plans, I want the water to have the lead role and the landscape design to serve as the supporting cast—both are vital to the story, but the water is the real headliner.
I choose low-maintenance plants that integrate with the home’s architecture and don’t compete with the view. When siting components like fire pits, shade structures or outdoor kitchens, I consider the direction of the prevailing wind, how the space will feel in different seasons and whether it will communicate effectively with the water.
A successful waterfront landscape harmonizes with all other features. Stepping outside should feel as delightful as being in any other room in your home. —Jan Kirsh, Jan Kirsh Studio, Bozman, Maryland.
Jan Kirsh landscaped a waterfront property, siting the pool with long views of the Miles River. She installed stonework and planted gardens throughout. A stepping-stone walk flanked by hydrangea leads to the water. Photo © Jan Kirsh Studio.
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Coastal Conservancy

The new Chesapeake Bay Foundation Brock Environmental Center sprawls across half an acre of Virginia Beach shoreline—the only major structure on a 118-acre tract of land preserved by the Trust for Public Land and the City of Virginia Beach for open space and environmental education.
The role of the Brock Center is to spearhead environmental advocacy, restoration and education. Its design, by SmithGroupJJR, protects, preserves and celebrates its setting. A curved building form hugs the shoreline while rounded rooflines mimic the wings of gulls and oyster shells. The material palette references the site’s colors and textures: Zinc shingles recall fish scales while cypress cladding echoes the hues of the land. Metal accents pick up the glistening water nearby.
The design team carefully preserved local ecology and water quality during construction, retaining old-growth forests and wetlands that are reestablishing along the shoreline. The sustainable design contributes to net-zero energy, water and waste: The long, narrow, one-story structure maximizes daylighting and natural ventilation and the exterior envelope was optimized to reduce heating demand. A porch along the south façade shelters the interiors, while large clerestory windows bring in natural light. Interiors are loft-like, with 20-foot ceilings at their peak. The design anticipates hurricanes and rising sea levels; set 200 feet back from the shore on 14-foot pylons, the structure is built to resist 120-mile-per-hour winds.
The Brock Center will host 2,500 area students and teachers a year and serve as a meeting place for local conservation partners.
ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING: SmithGroupJJR, Washington, DC. CONSTRUCTION: Hourigan Construction, Virginia Beach, Virginia. SITE DESIGN: WPL, Virginia Beach, Virginia. PHOTOGRAPHY: DAVE CHANCE, courtesy of SmithGroupJJR.
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Waterfront Oasis

Sometimes unraveling challenges reaps unexpected rewards. Such was the case when homeowners planning a new residence on Aberdeen Creek decided they wanted to live on the property during construction. They moved into the existing house on the lot while their new home was being built nearby; the original was then torn down and a new guesthouse built in its place. It was at this point that architect Scarlett Breeding’s plan cleverly connected the two structures with a bridge housing a home office with panoramic water views.
Not only does the bridge lend a unique signature to the Shingle-style home, it also beckons residents and guests to explore what lies beyond: 4.4 acres of sweeping gardens that encompass both large spaces for entertaining and secret niches enveloped in greenery. “We designed a garden under the bridge to pull you in and draw you into this water view,” says landscape architect Kevin Campion. “It’s pretty dramatic.”
Throughout the property, the team created an outdoor aesthetic that reflects the architecture of the house. “The owners wanted a welcoming house,” says Breeding. “The gardens follow that—they’re much more informal.”
Campion agrees, “There’s a strong armature that runs along the back of the house. But then it’s adorned with naturalistic plantings.” The garden includes a pool, kitchen and dining area on the main terrace, rambling “rivers” of lawn that meander down to the creek and a sport court for the couple’s two kids.
From the house, a path of boulders leads to a secluded hot tub. Walnut Hill Landscape Company, which installed and maintains the landscape, “did a great job creating stairs that look like an outcrop—very informal and organic,” says Campion.
But nothing feels more organic than the sweeping Lord Baltimore hibiscus, switchgrass and Black-Eyed Susans that sway in the breeze along the banks of Aberdeen Creek.
Photographer Jay Stearns is based in Annapolis.
ARCHITECT: SCARLETT BREEDING, AIA, Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects, Annapolis, Maryland. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: KEVIN CAMPION and BOB HRUBY, principals; MEREDITH BEACH, project manager, Campion Hruby Landscape Architects, Annapolis, Maryland. LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR: MIKE PROKOPCHAK, Walnut Hill Landscape Company, Annapolis, Maryland. BUILDER: BRET ANDERSON, Pyramid Builders, Annapolis, Maryland.
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LCA 2014 Awards

The Excellence in Landscape Awards, sponsored by the Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) of Maryland, DC and Virginia, recognize exceptional garden design throughout our region. This annual competition is judged by industry experts, who vote in more than a dozen residential and commercial categories. The winners of the LCA’s 2014 residential awards are listed below.
To read the stories behind four of these award-winning projects be sure to check out:
The Great Outdoors—Botanical Decorators, Inc.
Classic Design—Live Green Landscape Associates, LLC
Natural Backdrop—McHale Landscaping Design, Inc.
French Country Style—Surrounds, Inc.

Decade AwardsChapel Valley Landscape Company, Woodbine, MD—Private Residence, Potomac, MD, Residential Maintenance; Private Residence, Woodbine, MD, Residential Maintenance.
Heritage AwardsMcHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MD—Talbot County Residence, Residential Maintenance; Loudoun County Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
Grand AwardsBotanical Decorators, Inc., Olney, MD—Pond Mist Way, Herndon, VA, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway (Design/Build); Q Street, Washington DC, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Alexandria Avenue, Alexandria, VA, Craftsmanship (Design/Build); W. Alexandria Avenue, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
Fine Earth Landscape, Inc., Poolesville, MD—A Small Washington DC Garden, Total Residential Contracting; Pearlstein Residence, Total Residential Contracting; Yewell Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
Great American Landscapes, Inc., Clarksburg, MD—Norton Residence, Residential Maintenance.
John Shorb Landscaping, Inc., Kensington, MD—Residential Maintenance, Alexandria, VA, Residential Maintenance.
McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MD—McLean Residence, Residential Maintenance; Mountain House, Craftsmanship; Potomac Residence, Outdoor Living Area; Piney Point Retreat, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway; Davidsonville Residence, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway; Eastern Shore Retreat, Craftsmanship; North Potomac Residence, Residential Maintenance; Avenel Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
Quayle & Company Design/Build, Inc., Severna Park, MD—Brewer Creek Residence, Craftsmanship (Design/Build).
Rossen Landscape, Chantilly, VA—Asaad Residence, Rear Courtyard Design and Install, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Scapes, Inc., Lothian, MD—Severna Park Residence, Outdoor Living Area(Design/Build).
Scott Brinitzer Design Associates, Inc., Arlington, VA—Hoffman Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
Walnut Hill Landscape Company, Inc., Annapolis, MD—Severn River Outlook, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Pendennis Mount Residence, Outdoor Living Area; Aberdeen Creek Residence, Total Residential Contracting.
Distinction AwardsBotanical Decorators, Inc., Olney, MD—Pointers Overlook Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Gardenwise, Inc., Arlington, VA—Old Town Residence, Alexandria, VA, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Loft Terraces Residence, Rosslyn, VA, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
John Shorb Landscaping, Inc., Kensington, MD—Residential Design-Build, Alexandria, VA, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
Live Green Landscape Associates, LLC, Owings Mills, MD—Benjamin Residence, Total Residential Contracting.
McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MD—Great Falls Residence, Craftsmanship; Arlington Residence, Outdoor Living Area; Hunting Crest Residence, Outdoor Living Area; Crest Lane Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc., Westminster, MD—Washington DC Residence; Total Residential Contracting.
Surrounds, Inc., Sterling, VA—Soobert Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Grenata Preserve, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build); Gerken Falls, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Whann Avenue, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
Through The Garden, Inc., Harpers Ferry, WV—Loev-Hawley Residence, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway (Design/Build).
Honorable Mention AwardsGardenwise, Inc., Arlington, VA—Forest Hills Residence, Washington, DC, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
Live Green Landscape Associates, LLC, Owings Mills, MD—Reisterstown Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
M&M Professional Landscaping, Inc., Sterling, VA—Cole Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MD—Tilghman Island Residence, Total Residential Contracting; Devonshire Lane Residence, Outdoor Living Area; Chesapeake Beach Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
Rossen Landscape, Chantilly, VA—Seebald, Residential Maintenance.
Scapes, Inc., Lothian, MD—Edgewater Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
Surrounds, Inc., Sterling, VA—Residence At Hunting Crest, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
Excellence in Landscape 2013 Awards
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LCA 2013 Awards

The Excellence in Landscape Awards, sponsored by the Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) of Maryland, DC and Virginia, recognize exceptional garden design throughout our region. This annual competition is judged by industry experts, who vote in more than a dozen residential and commercial categories. The winners of the LCA’s 2013 residential awards are listed below.
To read the stories behind four of these award-winning projects be sure to check out:
All in the DetailsMcHale Landscape Design, Inc.
Grand VisionSurrounds, Inc.
Private RetreatWalnut Hill
Outdoor OasisRolling Acres
DECADE AWARDSJohn Shorb Landscaping, Inc., Kensington, MDBethesda Residence, Residential Maintenance.
McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MDIngalls Residence, Total Residential Contracting.
GRAND AWARDSBotanical Decorators, Inc., Olney, MDMelvern Drive Residence, Total Residential Contracting 
(Design/Build);Russell Road, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build);Russell Road, Craftsmanship (Design/Build);Boswell Lane Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build);Melvern Drive Residence, Craftsmanship (Design/Build);Garfield Street Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Grow Landscapes, Falls Church, VAPrivate Residence Arlington, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
John Shorb Landscaping, Inc., Kensington, MDA Residence in Northwest Washington, Residential Maintenance.
Kane Landscapes, Inc., Potomac Falls, VAKagan Residence, Residential Maintenance.
McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MDVienna Residence, Outdoor Living Area;Harbortown Residence, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway;Seneca Knoll Residence, Outdoor Living Area;Vienna Residence, Craftsmanship;Mitchellville Residence, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway;Towlston Road Residence, Craftsmanship;Kentland Drive Residence, Outdoor Living Area;Tradeswind Drive Residence, Craftsmanship;Great Falls Residence, Craftsmanship;Hunting Crest Residence, Craftsmanship;Miles River Residence, Residential Maintenance.
Quayle & Company Design/Build, Inc., Severna Park, MDSevern Heights Residence, Craftsmanship.
Surrounds, Inc., Sterling, VAGreat Falls Residence I, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build);Silcott Meadow, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Walnut Hill Landscape Company, Inc., Annapolis, MDSpa View Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build);Villa Dei Fiori, Total Residential Contracting.
DISTINCTION AWARDSBob Jackson Landscapes, Inc., Owings Mills, MDAn Artistic Landscape, Total Residential Contracting 
(Design/Build);An Owings Mills Residence; Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
Colao Stone & Design, Fairfax, VAAldie Residence, Outdoor Living Area;Oakton Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
J&G Landscape Design, Inc., Spencerville, MDKeitelman Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
John Shorb Landscaping, Inc., Kensington, MDA Residence in Bethesda, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Landscape Contractors of Annapolis, Inc., Annapolis, MDSanctuary at the Vineyards, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MDLovettsville Residence, Outdoor Living Area;Evonshire Lane Residence, Outdoor Living Area;Baltimore Pool Garden, Outdoor Living Area;North Fillmore Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
Rolling Acres Landscape/Nursery, Brinklow, MDPatterson Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Sunrise Landscape + Design, Sterling, VASerrano Pool and Patio Landscape, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Surrounds, Inc., Sterling, VAGreat Falls Residence II, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build);Tuscan Influence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
HONORABLE MENTION AWARDSGrow Landscapes, Falls Church, VAPrivate Residence Arlington, Total Residential Contracting.
Live Green Landscape Associates, LLC, Owings Mills, MDMarino Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Quayle & Company Design/Build, Inc., Severna Park, MDTiconderoga Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
Excellence in Landscape 2012 Awards
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LCA 2012 Awards

Each December as winter socks in, members of the landscaping industry gather to celebrate a sunnier time of year with the “Excellence in Landscape” awards. Sponsored by the Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) of Maryland, DC and Virginia, this annual awards competition is judged by industry experts who vote in more than a dozen residential and commercial categories. These innovative projects reflect the finest in landscape design, with inviting outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, spectacular pool houses and lush plantscapes—in a range of styles and colors guaranteed to get you in the mood for spring. See the complete list of award-winning projects below.
To find out the stories behind four of these award-winning projects be sure to check out:
ZEN SANCTUARYMcHale Landscape Design, Inc.
WOODLAND STYLEBotanical Decorators
The Best in Landscaping
*McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MDCamp Roosevelt Property, Total Residential Contracting; Digiamarino Residence, Total Residential Contracting; The Willows, Total Residential Contracting.
*McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MDBethesda Property, Total Residential Contracting; Childs Point Residence, Total Residential Contracting.
*GardenWise, Inc., Arlington, VA Rogers/Melman Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
GRAND AWARDS*Scott Brinitzer Design Associates, Inc., Arlington, VANorth Arlington Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build); Arlington Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build); Fitch Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
*Botanical Decorators, Inc., Olney, MDAlexandria Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Lloyds Lane, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
*Graham Landscape Architecture, Annapolis, MDCathedral Heights Garden, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
*Walnut Hill Landscape Company, Inc., Annapolis, MDChesapeake Bay Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Rhode River Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
*McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MDAnnapolis Residence, Total Residential Contracting; Edgewater Residence, Outdoor Living Area; Bethesda Residence; Front Residential Planting & Entranceway; Georgetown Pike Property, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway; Great Falls Residence, Total Residential Contracting; Kalas Residence, Craftsmanship; Martingham Property, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway; Mattingly Residence, Craftsmanship; Peitsch Residence, Craftsmanship; Potomac Residence, Total Residential Contracting; Potomac River Road Property, Outdoor Living Area; Rockville Residence, Craftsmanship; Sedmak Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
*Hawkins Signature Landscapes, Bowie, MDConley Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
*Korfonta Landscape Company, Aldie, VA Fairfax Station Residence, Outdoor Living Area; Great Falls Residence, Craftsmanship; Vienna Residence, Craftsmanship; Vienna Residence, Residential Maintenance.
*Colao Stone & Design, Arlington, VAGainesville Residence, Craftsmanship (Design/Build); McLean Residence, Craftsmanship (Design/Build).
*Surrounds, Inc., Sterling, VAGreat Falls Residence, Craftsmanship (Design/Build); McLean Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build); Mt. Airy Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Nature’s Beauty, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Avenel Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); White Falls Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
*J&G Landscape Design, Inc., Spencerville, MDKelly Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
*Fine Landscapes, Ltd., Sterling, MDMcLean Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); McLean Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
*River’s Edge Landscapes, Bluemont, VAThe Moler Project, Outdoor Living Area; The Parks Project, Total Residential Contracting.
DISTINCTION AWARDS*Bob Jackson Landscapes, Inc., Owings Mills, MDAldendell, a Newburgh, NY Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
*GardenWise, Inc., Arlington, VA Courchane/Zorn Residence, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build).
*Kane Landscapes, Inc., 
Potomac Falls, VA Dineen Landscape, Residential Maintenance.
*Clearwater Landscape & Nursery, Ijamsville, MDGlenelg Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Wildcat Retreat, Outdoor 
Living Area (Design/Build).
*Outdoor Spaces LLC, Leesburg, VAHamilton Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
*McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MDMcLean Residence, Residential Maintenance.
*Kane Landscapes, Inc., Potomac Falls, VABarbee, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build); Maloney, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
*Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape, Alexandria, VACaldwell Charleston Porch, Craftsmanship.
*J&G Landscape Design, Inc., Spencerville, MDDick Residence, Front Residential Planting & Entranceway.
*Through the Garden, Inc., Harpers Ferry, WVDiMaggio Outdoor Sanctuary, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
*McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MDNorthwest Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
*Live Green Landscape Associates, LLC, Reisterstown, MDMiller Residence, Outdoor Living Area.
*GardenWise, Inc., Arlington, VAWolf/Gilbert Residence, Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build).
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French Country Style

Clients who commissioned Creighton Enterprises to build their new house in Leesburg, Virginia, wanted the grounds to reflect the home’s French Country style. They hired landscape architect Chad Talton, who created a clean-lined, modern plan that also complements the home’s interiors.
Travertine patios and gravel walkways lined with Select Blue flagstone provide striking accents amid sweeping green lawns and formal gardens. A custom granite fountain enhances an entry courtyard delineated by stone pillars, while a palette of white blooms and green arborvitae and boxwood conveys elegance. “White flowers with an evergreen backdrop have a crisp, clean look,” observes Talton. He also planted snowdrift astilbe, viburnum, limelight hydrangea, plus Deodar cedar and magnolia for year-round interest.
A gravel path along an allée of white-flowering Natchez crape myrtle leads from the garage to the backyard. With its stone base and curving roof, the pool house echoes the architecture of the home. Inside, there’s a sitting area, a kitchen with a stone range hood and changing rooms. A pedestal fountain sits nearby.
The pool mimics the straight lines of the terraces. It boasts a large travertine patio for entertaining. Dramatic sprays of water arc out from concealed deck jets.
AWARD: Distinction, Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build). LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: CHAD TALTON, Surrounds Landscape Architecture + Construction, Sterling, Virginia. POOL CONSTRUCTION: Town and Country Pools, Springfield, Virginia.
Writer Karen Watkins is based in Bethesda, Maryland.
For a list of all LCA 2014 residential awards click here.
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